Arty feat. April Bender – Sunrise

Every now and then, a track comes along that stands out leaps and bounds above the rest – and this is certainly one of them. Courtesy of the talented young producer who has become known to the world as Arty, yet more recently announced the return of Alpha 9, his latest single “Sunrise” has just been released on Armada. Although being busy balancing his production time between his two aliases with maximum efficiency, on this occasion the Russian musician opts to return to his more mainstream progressive sound that helped him gain so many fans around the world.

Having been immersed in music from a young age, Arty’s attention to detail and production abilities knows no boundaries with this newest release demonstrating just that. Heartwarming, feel good, euphoric and energetic – “Sunrise” has it all. Laced with uplifting chords, an eruptive melody, contemplative lyrics and April Bender’s gorgeous vocals, this anthem will keep dance fans going till the break of dawn. With the sensual vocals of April Bender dominating from the outset, the breakdown has a singalong factor that will certainly become a highlight of Arty’s future live performances. Having experimented with multiple genres with his recent releases, the track is a welcome return to the progressive house genre that many have been yearning for, with the track oozing with melodic goodness and summer sunset vibes.

You can stream the track here.