ATLiens – Interstellar (feat. Sara Skinner)

Sci-fi may have landed but get ready to take-off with ATLiens as they return with a brand new track that sounds like it’s straight out of another galaxy. The Atlanta duo is back to dispatch their latest production ‘Interstellar‘, a track that makes a statement while infiltrating the airwaves with its spacey sound. ATLiens have teamed up with songwriter Sara Skinner and the Los Angeles based artist shines through the track with her impressive vocals that blend effortlessly into ‘Interstellar’s‘ cosmos character.

Sara’s vocals float spaciously across soft melodic chords as they touch down on the opening of ‘Interstellar‘. Close your eyes and the track’s intro takes you deep into the universe of sound itself. Silky vocals sing “Our hearts were Interstellar, the space between us could not hold,” while one’s ears continue to glide through its delicate sound. Though relaxed, the duo introduces an onslaught of heavy-hitting percussion and robotic synths as the true character of this production come to light. Swift chops and dynamic changes will leave you unprepared for ATLiens notorious blend of funky, experimental bass.

Having torn up stages in Australia last year, and making waves in the United States early this year, it’s only a matter of time before ATLiens launch their sound across the globe once again. With their first and highly-anticipated Invasion EP on route to earth, ‘Interstellar‘ is positioned to be premiere EP of ATLiens as the duo continue to make more than just a buzz.

Immerse yourself in their brand new track below.