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Axwell & Ingrosso’s ‘Dreamer’ receives blissful remix EP

The wait is finally over, Refune pulls back the curtain on the official “Dreamer” remixes, a solid 4 track EP featuring the production wizardry of Swedish prodigy Klahr, Russian powerhouses Matisse & Sadko, the rising talent Jack Wins, and the famed Alpha 9 (Arty’s alias). Fans have been holding their breath the past few weeks in anticipation for the Swedish duo to release the progression version of the track “Dreamer”, while that OG version remains kept in quiet for now, we have received a masterful remix collection that brings out so many new and exciting feelings to the song.

Dreamer has been a track of much attention, notoriety, and appraisal throughout the past month. The original record has an incredibly rich history and stands as a beacon for the dance legends changing style. All in all, the buzz surrounding the “progressive version” of the track has been the paramount focus of the record since it’s release back in December of 2017. This remix EP offers a new perspective on the pristinely crafted single, there are trance elements at play, progressive house, deep house, and chilled-out indie house vibes all present (thank you Klahr). Up first is the Russian excellence of Alpha 9 (Arty) placing his mark on the tune. The major focus of his Alpha 9 project was to bring back his roots in progressive trance. In this remix we get warping lead sounds, that signature trance feel, and an irresistible groove. The Alpha 9 remix was one of the first to be shown.

The Matisse & Sadko remix is one of pure energy, the Russian duo have released tracks like “Witchcraft”, “Into You”, and “Forever” with Martin Garrix in the past few months. One of their niche sound elements is the synth sound they use for majority of their leads. For this remix we are treated to an accolade of beautiful melodies, harmonies, and guitar lines. Jack Wins joins the Axtone roster for a special club orientated remix hopping with sharp edged bass lines and phat drums. The rising talent is surely an artist to watch in 2018. Last but not least, the production sorcery of Swedish producer Klahr clashes with the vocals of Trevor Guthrie and the melodies of Axwell & Ingrosso, what could be a better blend? The DJ pays tribute to the original melody just as Matisse & Sadko did, however bringing the tempo down and bringing in this chilled-out “sunset on the beach” sort of feel. The swede maintains many of the original elements of the song all the while infusing them with beautiful style, craftsmanship, and passion.

Who did it better? Which one is your favourite? Check them out now!