Alpha 9

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – My Own Hymn (ALPHA 9 Remix)

Arty released the majority of his music in 2017 under his Alpha 9 trance moniker, and it is looking like a similar start for his 2018 catalogue. The Russian icon is back with a touching new remix of Above & Beyond‘s “My Own Hymn”, which features Zoë Johnston on the vocals. She has worked with the English trio on several tracks already, including “We’re All We Need“, “Always” or the 2012 masterpiece “Love Is Not Enough“.

The original was a treat for itself already, with Johnston’s soft and angelic lyric which beautifully sits on top of fluffy, airy synth pads and touching melodies that glide throughout the track’s entirety. ALPHA 9’s take boarders on commercial pop, but immediately gives way into mystical, trance-inspired progression. The remix sends the listener into another world with its beautiful melodies that ebb and flow in and out of the commercial backdrop and serves unarguably as the perfect feel-good club track with its upbeat nature and polarizing second drop.

It’s easy to imagine this track absolutely smashing festivals and clubs around the world with its scintillating and enthralling energy. With the days growing longer again and warmer days quickly approaching, “My Own Hymn” is the ideal for bringing back memories of summer. It seeps into the psyche and guides the fingers toward the replay button. Check for yourself.

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