BFAM – Black Bear

Initially starting out as individual acts, 19-year-old Indian Future Bass duo, BFAM have released their latest single, ‘Black Bear‘. Despite having more than 5 years of music production experience, the duo are new to the scene, bringing their Dark Trap sound. Following their release, ‘Lattice‘ on Slex Records, the Indian duo have delivered their latest work, now available for free download.

Boasting a Dark Jungle Terror/Trap sound, BFAM’s sound is inspired by the likes of the Barong Family. ‘Black Bear’ starts off with a slow percussive loop which is gradually joined by a slowly low-pass-filtered loop and vocals. A reverberant snare eventually makes its way into the mix, where claps join in to help build hype. In addition to this, the main lead gradually ascends and is joined by a flurry of effects, all leading up to the drop. The drop is met with a large, thudding kick and sub-bass in conjunction with a thrashing lead synth, creating a full, hectic sound. Despite slight excessive sidechain compression on the kick and rather bright high-frequencies from the lead synth, the track boasts an even, clean overall mix. While the second break follows a similar pattern to the first, subtle, goth-like vocals linger in the background, adding to the atmospheric nature of the break.

Take a listen to ‘Black Bear’ below!

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