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The man who brought us “Until The End“, “City Of Dreams“, and “Unbreakable” has just unleashed his third studio album. it is nothing short of mesmerizing, a totally clean approach, pure emotion, and pure passion. Dirty South has brought in a modest, yet all-star line up to help him usher in another milestone in his career. The Serbian-Australian DJ Dragan Roganović started making music at 13, and has been a major player in the industry ever since 2005. Throughout his decorated career he has been nominated for 2 Grammy Awards, worked alongside fabled acts, and has been instrumental in moving the whole scene forward, in the right direction of course.

Those who know dance music, know Dirty South. Whether it was on “Phazing”, his remix for “Sweet Disposition”, his massive remix alongside Sebastian Ingrosso for “Silvia”,  or any of his other releases on Anjunabeats, Phazing, Axtone, or Vicious Vinyl,  the DJ undoubtedly has an incredibly extensive discography. 2013 brought us Speed of Life, 2014 brought in With You, and now this year we are graced with XV. Words cannot truly explain the style of Dirty South, but if we were to try, one might say euphoric, sentimental, and expressive. The producer truly leaves nothing behind when it comes to his work, always pushing the boundary further and further with new ideas and experimentation.

Starting from the first note of “If It all Stops” featuring ANIMA!, we sink ourselves back into those hazy, melancholic, early house vibes. “If It All Stops” reminds us just why we love the producer, the emotional vocals fill the air with feelings of impending loss, hope, and rejuvenation. The instrumental on its own could be a masterpiece as well, the divine arpeggios and peaceful groove fall into place as if they were meant to be together. “Night Walks” has a deeper feel, crispy plucks and distorted bass roll over clean percussion and lofty pads. An instrumental monologue, “Night Walks” lives up to the name, as one of the more deeper records on the album, the second break will leave you wanting more and more. “Sonar” was a track that was teased leading up to the album’s release, nifty synth work, and mega sub bass pump out all through the instrumental. “Sonar” is sure to be included in sets of tech house and deep house DJ’s alike. “Love Story” featuring Rudy is a psychedelic tech/deep house gem that is totally likeable. The mysterious vocal lines, captivating synths, and deadly bass work ensure all sorts of chills. With some vocal lines too abstract for lyrics, the work of Rudy is molded into the elements of the song, standing as a whole new feeling. “Believe” has a floaty, vintage vibe to it, characterized by choppy plucks and lifting synth lines. The intro catapults into an arcade of groovy plucks and rocking drums.

The mood of the album could be described as deep house timbres spiced with progressive rhythms and tech/trance flare. A refreshing new take on an established sound, Dirty South turns the tables with “XV”. Halfway through, we are treated to the beauty of ANIMA! again with “Next To You”, an electronic ballad, the surreal vocal line is touched up with mind- bending delays, ethereal reverbs, and paired alongside the most eclectic sounds Dirty South could imagine, a stand out track on the album. “Lunar” is another staple on the album, the “out of this world” vibe created by Dirty South on this album can be encapsulated throughout “Lunar”, just close your eyes and tune in. “Higher” with Rudy is sure to take us to new territory, a fascinating record musically, the track is a true testament to the production versatility and compatibility the two artists share. “Shades” is a vitalizing record, the catchy plucks and raspy synth line create an atmosphere of sheer heaven. Lastly, “Stella” enters into the void. The longest track on the album, “Stella” is a cosmic exploration into the realm of Dirty South’s musical space. Featuring beautiful strings and a chilling build up, it is a record to be sure not to skip!

An album for the books, Dirty South’s XV is out now, be sure to grab a copy!

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