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Don Diablo reasons with fan regarding latest album ‘Future’

While it may always have been a raging topic of discussion in the industry, the question of contact between fans and artists through the advent of social media has reached a new high with the recent exchange between Alesso and a fan. And though it may have shown the worse side of the entire debate, Don Diablo’s reply to a fan of his has markedly attracted the right kind of attention.

Replying to a fan on Facebook, Diablo eloquently explained how his latest album ‘Future’ is not solely focused on Future House only. Taking into account the experience of all his fans, Diablo, a revered producer and DJ, was right to showcase that he has to take care of the tastes of all his fans – as he did by delivering two Future House tracks in the album along with more innovative and out-of-the-box tunes. This contrasts starkly with Alesso’s lashing out against his fan on Twitter and while reasons may be there for what happened in that case, Diablo’s handled the situation with comfort showing great experience and consideration for his fans.

Diablo was quoted saying:

AS a producer I also want to keep inventing new sounds and push things forward. Also make some music that you can listen to when you are not at a rave / in a club: while driving, studying, working or visiting your family in law. If you look further than that: the songs on this album have a (motivating) message, a message for fans out there struggling with themselves, who are looking for light in a dark tunnel inside their head. This album is also for those seeking for that light. THIS ALBUM IS FOR THE FANS. That’s why worked many years on this collection of songs instead of dropping a few more club bangers [sic]. Been doing that five years straight. The bangers will always be there but there is room for more next to this. So never forget: keep an open mind, always remember everything I do, I do it for you and with all of my heart. The FUTURE belongs to US.

H/T: YourEDM

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