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Don Diablo

Don Diablo – Future

As one of the industry’s most forward-thinking pioneers, Don Diablo has built a reputation through his exceedingly diverse yet captivating releases. With so many monumental tracks spread across so many years, the Dutch artist has built up an impeccable catalogue of releases, each unique yet equally resonating. When it was announced that Don Diablo would release an album, understandably expectations were exceedingly high, as fans speculated as to which IDs would make the final cut. Now, the moment has finally arrived, and the highly-anticipated album, ‘Future‘, has been unveiled at long last.

Launching straight into familiar territory, the opening track ‘Back To Us‘ featuring Mike Waters is enchanting from the onset, lead by the vocals which give the track a hypnotic intensity. The mellow chord progressions give the track an increasingly emotive quality, allowing the listener to truly connect with the music. Switching up the pace entirely, ‘Everybody’s Somebody‘ featuring BullySongs is at the opposite end of the spectrum, with an exhilarating intensity that grasps the listener from start to finish. With addictive vocals leading into an explosive drop characterized by unforgiving synths, this anthem was certainly designed to provoke a mammoth crowd reaction.

Speaking about ‘Everybody’s Somebody’ Don Diablo said:

“I have been getting so many letters from fans that literally feel lost in this world. When they tell me my music gives them comfort and shines a light in a dark tunnel inside their head it literally makes everything I do worth while. Sometimes it feels like the outside world wants you to act a certain way, look a certain way and this can put a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Others may appear to be better looking and more successful, which can create dark clouds in your head. This single is an anthem for those who are searching for their identity and the statement is simple: everybody’s somebody, nobody’s nobody. Life is not about what others expect you to be, or what you feel you might never achieve, it’s about accepting who YOU truly are and being proud of your own personal achievements.”

Lessening the pace, ‘Put It On‘ exudes a soothing quality, providing the perfect platform for Nina Nesbitt’s haunting vocals, which effortlessly pull on the heartstrings of the listener. Next up is another emotive anthem, this time featuring vocals from British vocalist Calum Scott. ‘Give Me Love‘ is guided by sprightly synths which give the track the clear trademark of a Don Diablo original. Retaining the intensity of the previous tracks, ‘Higher‘ holds an intoxicating intensity, with the addictive rhythm providing the perfect balance with Betty Who’s addictive vocals.

A track which instantly launched into success after it was released late last year, ‘Take Her Place‘ effortlessly balances euphoric chord progressions with A R I Z. O N A’s entrancing vocals, culminating in an enchanting anthem, suited to both mainstage performances and intimate club shows. Up next, ‘Head Up‘ revolves around soulful vocals from James Newman, which sit perfectly with the track’s inviting melody. While soothing in nature throughout, the track builds to an impressive drop which consists of an array of playful synths, giving it a true future house feel.

Upholding the album’s sky-high level of quality, yet providing another example of the diversity of Don Diablo’s dexterity in production, ‘Bright Skies (The Bit U Know)‘ emanates a brooding depth. Featuring captivating vocals from Miles Graham, the track has a truly hypnotic effect, drawing in the listener. Heading back to his house roots, Don Diablo effortlessly guides the listener through a spectrum of emotions during his next track, ‘Found You‘ featuring BullySongs. The somber vocals combine flawlessly with the uplifting build up, before the track unravels into a club-ready house-infused drop.

The next track is undoubtedly one of Don Diablo’s all-time most long-awaited IDs, having featured in his live performances on many occasions. ‘Reflections‘ became a staple during live sets, and never has never failed to provoke a crowd reaction, with peppy synths emanating Don Diablo’s signature sound. Up next, fan-favourite ‘You Can’t Change Me‘ takes the energy up another notch with it’s vivacious melody. Having already been released as a single last year, the track already has a proven record as a crowd-winning anthem.

Perhaps one of Don Diablo’s all-time most heartwarming releases, ‘Don’t Let Go‘ is next to feature on the album. Featuring breathtaking vocals from Holly Winter, the track is a truly unique exhibition of the degree of emotion that can be radiated by a piece of music. Another long-awaited ID, ‘Killer‘ featuring Thomas Junior is without doubt one of Don Diablo’s oldest unreleased tracks. While it has audibly been adapted since last played live, the track remains a true masterpiece, fusing piano and vocal elements with an explosive future house drop of truly epic proportions.

Bass-heavy monster ‘People Say‘ has been shaking the electronic music scene ever since its release in January, when it received an irrefutably positive response across the board. With an earth-shattering drop of seismic proportions, the track is an ingenious fusion of  styles, transcending genres with every turn. ‘Satellites‘ marks the penultimate track on the album, injecting a surge of groundbreaking energy with its infectious drum & bass rhythm. With world class vocals intertwined flawlessly with futuristic synths, it is undoubtedly one of the most high-powered tracks Don Diablo has ever released, and yet again proves his ability to shift his production capabilities to suit any genre.

Closing the album in style, ‘Echoes‘ radiates a brooding atmosphere, with resonating vocals which add a haunting intensity to the closing moments. Ending with a true culmination of emotion, ‘Echoes’ takes the listener on yet another emotional adventure, before slowly drawing to a close.

Representative of Don Diablo’s versatility and attention to detail in production, ‘Future‘ is a culmination of different styles, transcending genres and breaking musical boundaries. Aptly named, the album is a true insight into the future of electronic music, giving listeners a brief look into the many facets of the genre. With each and every track radiating the same prestige level of detail, it comes as no surprise that the album has been one of the most highly-anticipated in the electronic music scene over the last few years. While 2018 is only just beginning, after such a monumental release so early in the game, it looks set to be Don Diablo’s most extraordinary year yet.

Here’s what Don Diablo had to say about his brand new album:

 “These last few years have been quite a journey for me on all levels. I had to fight many demons on a personal level and rediscovered myself as an artist in the process. I never thought I would end up where I am today, but on my journey I have learned and experienced many things that I have (subconsciously) used while working on this album. FUTURE features sixteen tracks that all have their own story, both musically as well as lyrically. I wanted this to be a motivational record that sonically showcases new ideas on a productional level, ranging from Future House to Future Pop and everything in between. I feel blessed to have worked with some of the most incredible new voices out there like James Newman, Nina Nesbitt, Betty Who, Calum Scott and many others. To me THEY represent the FUTURE and their talent is a very important part of this album. Besides this I also provided my own vocals to three of the songs on FUTURE, which definitely makes this album one of the most personal things I have done in a long time. After releasing many singles and remixes these last few years it feels amazing to finally be able to present a real body of work to my fans (and hopefully FUTURE fans) again. Having said that…I am as inspired as I have ever been so the next album will definitely not take another six to ten years”

Listen to the full album below.

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