Dr. Shiver

Dr. Shiver feat. Christina Skaar – Love for Life (Remixes)

First released back in the summer of 2016, Dr. Shiver’s sizzling summer anthem ‘Love for Life’ has been rejuvenated into a stunning remix package. Utilising Christina Skaar’s warm, lush vocal to fantastic effect, the original features a gorgeous piano progression which eventually climaxes into a nice melodic pop-house drop full of good vibes that carries that unforgettable care-free feeling of summer time. Now it has been given some fresh new updates, with Leonail, Jesse James, Felix Schorn, and Magnus Foss all on remix duties – who deliver four impressive yet uniquely different tracks.

First up is Leonail, who deservedly earned his first spot in the ‘Love for Life’ remix competition on Wavo, as he delivers a perfect blend of future bass and chilled vibes filled with uplifting chords and glittery synth work. Similarly, Jesse James also opts for a trap inspired beat – driven by its melodic vocal chops and tranquil melody, utilising the vocals cohesively, which results in an all round feel-good track.

The talented German Felix Schorn also adds his unique touch, tuning the more commercially friendly original into an upbeat, energetic anthem that is guaranteed to get everybody on the dance floor moving with its uplifting melody and heavily plucked synths. Last but not least is Magnus Foss, whose remix brings with it a distinctly house-oriented rhythm, creating a track that is ideally suited to a club environment while still conjuring up images of a beach sunset.

Overall, we are treated to four impressive remixes that maintain the fun, summer, uplifting vibes of the Dr. Shiver’s original yet still offer something refreshing and different.