Eyelove – Golden

Eric Larin, better known as eyelove, has seen a steady string of releases highlight his creativity by exploring many styles of electronic dance music, as well as hip-hop, r&b/soul, and jazz. Mixing freshly squeezed love in an elixir of epic beats, juicy synths, and live instruments, the LA based producer creates a universe of infinite sonic possibilities. Outside of the studio, eyelove has been focusing on delivering a unique audio-visual experience in his live sets, as he looks to blend his tracks with stunning visual elements for an engaging experience beyond the music.

This time he is back with his latest single ‘Golden‘, a downtempo yet enchanting track with a feel-good groove to it. Packed with toe-tapping melodies, this hypnotic bass line has a real after-party vibe to it – making it a more listener oriented track as opposed to being a festival eyecather. With the enchanting chords in the background adding to the uplifting atmosphere of the track, eyelove has crafted together a hit that listeners will have on repeat.

To make things even better, the track is now available as a free download, so be sure to grab your copy and add to your playlist from the link below.