Ghost Producers service allows young talents to showcase & sell their art

The seemingly swift rise of Ghost Production to the mainframe of the Dance music industry has come as surprise to an awfully less amount of people within the industry than to those outside it. While industry veterans recognize the importance and involvement of ‘Ghost Producers’ – who more often than not are sound engineers and production assistants having often worked away from the glory and limelight – recent instances of outrage against Ghost Production’s rise to prominence seem to be misplaced. While the industry struggles with this unfounded taboo and individual ghost producers look for places to showcase their talent, producer services such as and are braving the waters.

Unique in how they further sub-divide the ways in which Ghost Production is carried on today, the services are actively challenging the criticisms levied against their kind and opening new forums for younger talents to display their art. And thanks to them, the present and the future of ghost production seems to be on a one-way path to change. Where old ghost production did not show such adept and precise customization and professionalization in the way it was done, these new services are taking the game to a whole another level.

Focusing on the second of the two, the service is rather usual and often regular practice in the industry today. While they pip fellow competitors in quality of their demos and productions, the services they offer are common place as they undertake Artist Management, Mixing & Mastering and an enticing opportunity to get yourself in the know with the industry head-honchos. What is more is that they offer opportunities to the customers to indulge into collaborating and sharing ideas with their ghost producers – adding the extra layer of customization.

When we do return to the first service, we notice how the game has completely changed. In a practice of professionalism unlike any other in the industry, we see that this service provides a prime platform to young and budding artists to display their talent and get the right price for their output. The customer is at leisure to choose a producer as per his or her liking, picking from a group of adept producers whose talents and interests are clearly outlined as their portfolios. Picking and choosing is all that the customer has to do. Further, the agency’s management and promo services clearly underline their ambition – they only aim for the very best and ensure that the customer’s tracks are showcased at the biggest shows, played as part of the most famous DJ shows and podcasts and release them on the best of labels in the industry. Going a step further the folks behind the agency also offer Vocal services where a customer can choose Vocal shifts from vocalists in their catalog. As design and art become an important aspect of today’s DJ life, the Graphics service is prime in so far as it provides a vastly experienced hand behind any art that a customer requires for his tracks and image.

Here we see a disruption of the industry – these services are here to stay. Initiatives such as and are headlining the ghost production race not only because they offer such varied services but also because they are challenging how we think about ghost production – we are now being made to think from their perspective. Regardless, these services are offering to create artists and all aspects of their art from scratch. And while we may keep second guessing which Top 10 track is ghost produced or not, there is hardly any doubt that many of them will be straight off these producers and their work desks.

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