HUMAN releases ‘Ghost’, co-written by Avicii

Far from those explosive drops and euphoric melodies of electronic dance music, HUMAN has released a new track that is tender to the ears and possesses the alluring essence of a feel-good anthem. What makes this track so special is that the production was actually co-written by Swedish superstar Avicii and Swedish rapper and singer Daniel Adams-Ray.

The ‘Levels‘ legend posted to his Facebook the track’s artwork with the caption – “Here’s a song I co-wrote with my friend Daniel Adams-Ray a few years ago.”

Titled ‘Ghost‘, there is hardly any dismissing just how wonderful the composition is. Super soft vocals lead over acute mellow synths through the tracks opening sequence as it’s simple character begins to build. Que the equally powerful and elegant drums as ‘Ghost‘ leaves you satisfied by an uplifting chorus accompanied with charming vocals. A bold and powerful melody outlines Avicii’s master touch on this track.

Fans of the music producer may still have to wait for some new original work but its great to see the influences of Avicii are still ever so prominent through other artists music such as this beautiful track from HUMAN. ‘Ghost‘ is out and available now but luckily we have it here below just for you to listen to right now. Go ahead and let us know what you think of the track in the comments and be sure to check out more tracks from HUMAN.