Jaycen A'mour-LMFAO-Chuckie

Jaycen A’mour recharges LMFAO & Chuckie’s hit ‘Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch’

Released in 2009 as a colossal hit and certified by UK’s Singles and Dance Charts, Surinamese DJ and producer Chuckie and Pop and Dance American music duo LMFAO‘s track ‘Let the Bass Kick in Miami Bitch‘ has undoubtedly been a mainstay of Dance music’s global rise. And while fans may still mull over the original, New Zealand based producer and DJ Jaycen A’mour has attempted to do the gargantuan task of ‘recharging’ the world-wide hit as another give-away for his fans, while also taking care of his upcoming performances at Miami Music Week.

Taking on the original hit, A’mour’s aim is clear from the track’s beginning – to create a thumping Bass House single for his upcoming performances. Swirling through with the original melody, A’mour lets the infectious vocals takeover and guides it along with complex block-styled beats and heavy anticipation as the track approaches a thumping ‘drop’ that is assured to get dance floors shaking. A top notch and playful attempt at reinvigorating and building on the credentials of the original, Jaycen A’mour’s ‘recharging’ rendition of the LMFAO and Chuckie’s hit is easily a well-crafted contemporary twist to the track.

You can download the thumping rendition of LMFAO & Chuckie’s hit here for free.

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