Mark Jordan – Jungle

Italian Producer/DJ Mark Jordan has returned with another Big Room tune. Born in Calabria in the lovely Southwestern region of Italy, Jordan has released a number of tracks on Soundcloud and has been met with ample success after charting in the top 10 in Reverbnation‘s International EDM chart.

The track opens with a forceful tonal kick and a gradually ascending lead synth. Immediately transitioning to the break, it’s not long before the drop dawns upon the listener. In addition to the kick, the drop is filled with a frantic lead synth, accompanied by a large snare fill every 2 bars. Much like the first break, the second break is short, sharp and to the point. Ethnic percussion elements and hats occupy the break, before its quick transition to the drop once again.

In an interview with Traxx24, Jordan explains the inspiration behind his unique productions:

“I started listening to pop music and rock for some time. One of the first artists I listened to is avril lavigne. The EDM artist that i listen and that influence me the most is definitely martin garrix , i really like his song OOPS . I like the old 8 bit style of music. Also i listen to r&b and pop music in general. I really love listening to Katy Perry.” [sic]

Be sure to take a listen to Mark Jordan’s latest single, ‘Jungle’ below and purchase it here.

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