Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix unveils new single ‘Happy’ under AREA21 alias

Martin Garrix has confirmed that his next single “Happy” – under his alias AREA21 – will be out on February 9th. According to a tweet from @worldofgarrix, it’s only a short while until his next single drops. The Dutch DJ’s collaboration with American rapper Maejor is sure to turn heads. AREA21 has 4 singles under their belt so far, with 2 in 2016 and another 2 in 2017.

The sound of AREA21 is unique, two styles clash as the artists have two separate backgrounds. It all started after Martin Garrix debuted the song “Spaceships”. The unofficial side project of Martin Garrix, AREA21 has put out “Spaceships” and “Girls” in 2016, and “We Did It” and “Glad You Came” in 2017. To go along with the whole shebang, the logo is simply two aliens inside a spaceship. It is rumoured that this track has never been debuted before, searching across multiple sources brings back close to nothing for “Happy” and AREA21. This next single comes as the first release of 2018 for the duo.

You can catch a very brief preview of the single from the @worldofgarrix Twitter account below: