Burning Sun

Premiere: Nico De Andrea & Pete Dash – Burning Sun

Marking the first release of 2018 for groove king Tom Staar’s imprint StaarTraxx, the rapturous vibes of “Burning Sun” masterfully assembled by Nico De Andrea and Pete Dash will fire up dance floors all over the globe. Seasoned fans are quite familiar with the StaarTraxx mantra, it’s all about quality music. “Burning Sun” is a supremely fresh record full of all the elements we’d expect on a release from Staar’s label. Spicy guitar lines, serene vocals, and a truly compelling groove complete this Latin House stunner that is set to rock the charts.

French DJ/Producer Nico De Andrea is no stranger to the scene, he is the architect behind many of the innovative and ear catching house records that play out in many clubs and festivals today. 2017 was quite a prolific year for the DJ, evident in his multiple releases on hallmark labels including Protocol Recordings, Flamingo Records, and dance goliath Spinnin’ Records. He has also made some top-notch collaborations throughout his career so far, working with the likes of Kryder, Tom Tyger, and Simon Kidzoo. As skilled at making remixes as he is original productions, Nico even embarked upon remixing house classics including Bob Sinclair’s “New New New”. Dutch DJ Pete Dash has also had quite an extensive run, he is the man behind the reputable podcast/radio show “BACK TO JACK’S HOUSE” that brings in some of house music’s finest.

The background and artistic styles of both artists come together flawlessly in “Burning Sun”, the innovative and versatile production talent of Nico De Andrea collides with Dash’s finely tuned musical intuition to bring about a truly unique track. The StaarTraxx brand is all about honing and releasing the highest calibre groove house records and only puts out a few tracks every couple months. Looking back at many notable releases including “La Corrida” and “Manea“, we pick up that each release holds its own distinct traits. Whether it’s from a new member to the roster or Staar himself, StaarTraxx truly pioneers the sounds of today and tomorrow.

Wanting to know a bit more about the record and the artists thoughts on it’s sound, we reached out to Nico and Pete to dive in a little deeper.

Noticing that there is a vocal sample from African Children’s Choir – “O Sifuni Mungu”, can you tell us a bit about incorporating the vocal? Did the track come together because of the vocal line or was it supplemented in after the foundational ideas came together?

Nico: I knew the vocal from another track named “Free Tribe” from Tube & Berger which was one of my favourite records ever. The groove on this one is amazing but it’s way more techy. Concerning “Burning Sun”, it used to be an instrumental track. You’re always scared as a DJ when you play your tune for the very first time so I’m used to putting vocals on it to make it a bit more familiar for the crowd. When I tried this with Children’s Choir, it fitted perfectly. So much so to the point that Pete and I decided to keep it.

Pete: Nico came up with the idea of adding the Children’s Choir exactly when the track needed it. The guitar in the break was recorded live some time ago and really took it to the next level, but at that point it was still missing a final touch. He then sent me the idea of putting the vocal in the break when I was on Holiday in Switzerland. Think when I heard it on my speakers it melted more snow than the Trump administration…


Groove/Tribal house is arguably becoming one of the most attractive sub-genres of house music today. For you, what stands out as the most notable facets of its sound? Is it the crowd’s response, the musicality, or just a whole host of things?

Nico: In my opinion, the main cause of it’s success is the fact that the music is playable in nightclubs, bars and beachclubs. You can’t play festival tunes in small rooms, it doesn’t make sense. The best thing with this style of house music (Afro, Latin, Disco, Soulful or Jackin’) is that you can dance to it and not only jump. The way I see it, music is about seduction and to have it be warm and colourful. Production wise, it’s more about the feeling and the melody, rather than the kick-drum. It’s a different approach, and more accessible for the non-electronic fans. Thanks to EDM superstars, people are more and more curious and open-minded about the sub genres of electronic music. The music is a bit more mature nowadays, and we can all be happy about this.

Pete: The thing for me that’s so important is to be able to dance to music just as much as anything else. For me this translates so well to the audience. In a way there’s much more interaction in groovy and tribal sounds because when you share the rhythm you’re just as much in front of the booth as behind it.

If you’re into sunset vibes on the beach, then the rich sounds of “Burning Sun” are truly for you.

Out now on StaarTraxx!