Rezz confirms she’s working on her second album

REZZ may well be one of the fastest emerging and current talents as she continues to propel her contagious techno sound across the electronic music scene. Real name Isabelle Rezazadeh, the young producer has earnt herself a much-deserved following as the Canadian’s flair and flavour persistently blossoms with each new track she releases. Now too much excitement, REZZ has confirmed she is writing her second album and the news is going down a storm on social media among her fans.

Last year, Isabelle debuted her impressive Mass Manipulation, an album braced with eight intense tracks all donning her signature techno noise. From the bass banger ‘Relax‘ to the techno overload of ‘Diluted Brains‘, REZZ knows how to produce a track and boy does she do it well. The news that a second album is in the works means we can only anticipate how long it will be till the album drops and we are treated to more of the 22-year-olds scintillating productions.

As well as hypnotising fans with her eye-google gear, REZZ has earnt herself a praising reputation among industry heavyweights such as SkrillexDeadmau5, and Madeon. One thing is for sure, we will no doubt be praising the DJs highly-anticipated album when it drops. Make sure to check back for the latest updates and in the meantime take a look at REZZ’s tweet below confirming the news.