Solberjum talks about Dance Music, Dr. Shiver, 2018 & ‘Brave Love’ remix

Assuredly kicking off 2018 on a high note, French record producer and DJ Solberjum is looking set to have a great year. For starters, his climatic rendition of Dr. Shiver and Jmi Sissoko‘s track ‘Brave Love‘ has hit the right chords with big artists such as Nicky Romero and Lucas & Steve. The remix, reviewed here, has shown the Frenchman take on the Italian’s work and turn it into a high tempo experience of the original, featuring plucky notes and an exciting atmosphere.

And what’s more is that Solberjum has directed the track through the Art&Music Recording channel to give away the remix as free download for fans and followers alike. Taking into consideration his brilliant start to the new year with a latest remix on Dr. Shiver’s renowned imprint, it was timely that we sat down with Solberjum to talk exclusively about his views on Dance Music today, about what 2018 holds for him and of course, the serenading ‘Brave Love’ remix itself.

We certainly love your remix of ‘Brave Love’, retaining the vocals over a refreshing twist really captured the tracks original essence. Talk us through how you envisioned your remix of ‘Brave Love’ and your thoughts hearing the finished product?

My first thought when I envisioned my remix was to make it fit for my DJ set. I loved the original song since the first listen, but it was too pop for my usual DJ set, so I my mission was to keep the fresh vibe made by Dr. Shiver but to spice it up to make it sounds more house-friendly. I’m very happy with the result and feed-backs are great, so I can say I’m satisfied.

Last May you spoke about working hard towards creating your unique sound identity, what elements have you strengthened or added to evolving that distinct identity?

I think people can hear my sound identity in the way I’m approaching my productions. Of course, I use common elements in order to link all my tracks together, but my sounds evolved because my skills evolved in time. My way of creating melodies, choosing sounds, layering elements, etc… evolved and all those little important things are understood today, because in the past I was like most young producers, “why does this track sound like this and why does mine sound so different from his”. Thanks to Dr. Shiver and my Art&Music team for helping me get to this point.

Motivation is a key factor to each individual musician/artist/producer, what motivates you to produce the music you are producing?

People who know me know that I’m a hard and determined worker when I’m doing something. What motivates me is that I believe in what I’m doing, I know that I have to improve things, but I know why I’m doing it. I’m not a super star DJ yet, but I’m sure of one thing, “hard work pays off!” This is my leitmotiv.

Can you tell us more about how your relationship with Dr. Shiver and the whole Art&Music Recording family came to be and developed over time?

We have known each other for almost 4 years now, and we went from a work relationship to being real friends. Bruno “Dr. Shiver” has been fully supporting me for three years in developing my music and my production skills. He is the kind of person who is not afraid to share his knowledge, and you can feel that he is happy when you get better. Which is very rare in our industry, most people don’t want to share their skills, their contacts and their knowledge, which is a very sad and selfish way of being. We share the same values and this is something that brought us closer.

You’ve been in the scene for many years now, how do you see the future of dance music? What direction do you think the sound is heading in?

Yes, I have been in the scene for a long time now, but the last 10 years were difficult because the music industry has undergone a big crisis and had to reinvent itself. Now the future of the music industry looks brighter and even more so for dance music, which has become a pop genre today.

I think today dance music can take 2 ways, a friendly way or a clubby one. Spotify and all the streaming platforms changed the way we listen to music. I feel that music is headed in a happier direction, like dance music was in the 90’s. In terms of sound I think we’re going towards a more breathing and minimal sound.

No doubt 2018 is setting up to be another big year for electronic dance music, what can we expect from Solberjum this year? Music-wise, any interesting projects in the pipeline? Do you have any scheduled shows you’d looking forward to?

I’m sure 2018 is going to be a magic year for me. I’m in a breakthrough in my DJ life right now, because my music and my determination are stronger than ever. I have a big plan of new releases, new collaborations with my dear friend Dr. Shiver and my brother Beowülf, honestly they are two smashing tracks. There are also a couple of bangers that I’m sure you will like.

It’s also the launch year of my new project called Broderskab, a crew of creative people including DJs, producers, video makers, photographers, art designers, performers, etc… Today we’ve got people from Rio, Paris, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Bali, Milan and soon more. And we’re all animated by the same lifestyle and the same vision of creating a work team. There are a lot of things planned for this year, for example we’re discussing the development of the recording side of Broderskab with Bruno “Dr. Shiver” and Art&Music. We’ve just released our first EP called “Fondation”, and we’re already getting a lot of attention and receiving a lot of submissions from creators with different artistic backgrounds. You can expect good music, videos, photos, events, and much more from us.

Our first step this year is at the Miami Music Week in March, followed by Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Yeah, it’s going to be a super cool year.

You can download Solberjum’s remix of Dr. Shiver and Jmi Sissoko’s ‘Brave Love’ here.

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