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Songwriter and producer credits set to be added to Spotify tracks

Good news for those who work behind the scenes of everyone’s favorite tracks – Spotify have confirmed that they will be adding songwriter and producer credits to its platform. Whilst we all have our own artists whose music we love, there is often a team of people who work together in the studio to make the tracks come alive – and it is these unsung heroes who will now reap the rewards of this new feature, getting their due share in terms of the spotlight.

The initiative is starting off as a desktop-only perk, but in a new interview with Music Business Worldwide, representatives from Spotify explained that it intends to bring the credits to its mobile application in the future. The feature will also continually evolve to become more efficient, provide better functionality, and incorporate more information from industry partners over time.’

Tiffany Kumar, Global Head of Songwriter Relations at Spotify, said:

“Songwriters are an integral force behind the music we love…With the newly launched credits feature, we aim to increase songwriter and producer visibility and, in turn, foster discovery among new collaborators, industry partners and fans.”

Annika Goldman, ‎Director of Music Publishing Operations, Spotify, added:

“The more we share information, the more opportunities we can help create for songwriters. This is just the beginning of making songwriter and producer credits more easily available to Spotify listeners, and we look forward to continually improving that information, in close collaboration with our music industry partners.”

It’s been a long time coming, but its certainly a welcome feature to the highly popular music streaming service.