The unforgettable “Opus” from Eric Prydz turns 2 years old

There are some house records that transcend all we know about music. They reach far beyond the depths of known musical boundaries and become bigger than just songs we know and love, “Opus” from Eric Prydz is one of those songs. For all intents and purposes, the single itself was released August 17th 2015, however the culminating monumental occasion was the debut release of the Swedish icon’s studio album “Opus” released in February of 2016. It contained more than just the recent singles of Prydz at the time, but some of his most acclaimed works including 2012’s “Every Day” and 2015’s “Generate“.

Looking back in the annals of house music history, people will be discussing numerous incredible moments, such as fresh styles being born, artists making bold new strides into uncharted musical territory, and this single from Prydz. Eric Prydz truly took us into the upper echelons of house music realms with his single “Opus”; putting all fluff and flowery writing aside, the song is an absolute beast. The record is as delicate as it is powerful and words can’t capture the feelings fans and fellow producers have towards “Opus”. The 9 minute adventure is glistening with the Swedish producers talent and artistry, properly titled “Opus”, the song could arguably be the best known single to come from the wizard like mind of Eric Prydz, rivalling 2004’s “Call On Me“.

Prydz has been upping the ante for years, his live shows are dripping with face melting visuals, holograms, 3D technology, and mesmerizing lasers. Pairing those visuals with music, the single “Opus” caught the ears of electronic music lovers from every corner of its existence, whether you were into Trance, Tech, House, Prog, or Dubstep people dropped everything and tuned into the album “Opus” and the gleaming single. The rolling arpeggios, morphing pads, and smooth bass-line are like nothing we had seen before. A rather magical moment for the single was when Eric Prydz ushered in 2016 in Seattle with the song, with the New Year starting just as the drop hit. Another moment for the books was when Deadmau5 and Prydz played together at Tomorrowland Music Festival in 2016 and brought their ideas together to create a mashup of “Opus” and “Raise Your Weapon“. The song became an eagerly awaited staple in his sets and was very commonly used to close out some of the worlds biggest stages.

The record will be played for years to come, and it will be remembered forever.