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New trailer released for hotly anticipated dance music documentary ‘What We Started’

One of the most highly anticipated dance music documentaries of recent years, ‘What We Started’, is set to be unveiled in the very near future (March 23rd to be exact) – and its trailer has just been released featuring its all-star cast. The film sets out to illuminate the scenes rich history: from its underground inception in the late 1980s in America to the musicians and fans of this genre that relentlessly fought for their rights around the world, both in the dance club and on the streets, to find a safe space to express themselves, to the development of this modern, mainstream revolution that has taken the world by storm.

Bert Marcus, who is responsible for works such as Teenage Paparazzo and How to Make Money Selling Drugs and Champs, has co-written, produced & directed ‘What We Started’ alongside Cyrus Saidi. Specifically, and with unprecedented access, the film follows industry pioneers, like Carl Cox and Paul Oakenfold, who are juxtaposed by the journey of a young, superstar of today, Martin Garrix. The film documentary is set to be premiered on March 22nd in Miami, March 23rd in New York and March 29th in Los Angeles, whilst going out nationwide through Abramorama on March 23. If you’re interested in exploring the meteoric rise of dance music and its underground roots, this is the film is surely for you.

Check out the latest trailer below, and stay tuned for the full release of ‘What We Started’ next month.