Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner & k?d impress with latest single ‘Banshee’

Vintage Wolfgang Gartner is back and Complextro is alive, reminding us just why we fell in love with the American electro house legend. The classic sounds from the veteran music producer never quite left us since the early days of the Complextro movement and when electronic dance music began its path towards the mainstream. But Joseph Thomas Youngman has rekindled the intricate bass-lines and glitchy textures in his latest collaboration with fellow American artist k?d titled ‘Banshee‘, and it is time for some major throwback vibes.

Extensively embracing the listener with it’s off the bat melody and deep grainy chords, ‘Banshee‘ packs the punch with a no holding back ethos to its personality. Tame is one word deliberately missing from Wolfgang’s vocabulary as the producer lays down a menacingly nostalgic beat. If this track had a motto it would be ‘go hard or go home‘. In a press release Wolfgang Gartner said:

“This collaboration ended up being the perfect throwback to a sound that deserves a second round, with the added vision of the new generation in the form of K?D’s contribution. This project actually sparked a series of songs in this same vein that I’m looking forward to unleashing on the unsuspecting masses.”

We couldn’t agree more, a second round of Wolfgang’s classic electro house style is exactly what we need to hear right now.

Find out what you are missing out on below by listening to the ‘Banshee‘ below.