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Zedd reveals plans to collaborate with Muse’s Matt Bellamy

Already taking huge strides to make 2018 his biggest year yet, Zedd released his first track of the year last month. ‘The Middle‘ saw him collaborate with Maren Morris and Grey, and has already charted 57 million Spotify streams. Following on from such a tremendous feat may seem a challenging task, but Zedd has already confirmed that more new music is on the way, revealing that he recently went into the studio with Muse‘s lead singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy in a recent interview with Beats 1‘s Zane Lowe.

 “I’ve started a new record with Matthew from Muse. We started towards the end of last year — it’s a super exciting project for both of us because he’s never co-written a song with anybody and I don’t know if he’s actually done anything outside of Muse. He’s a complete legend to me and massive inspiration. I wouldn’t be making the same music if his band wasn’t around.”

Going on to explain that he also has cinematic ambitions, Zedd reveals that he is working on a more orchestral project which could potentially become a film score. With such ambitious projects planned for 2018, this year could see Zedd reaching even further heights with his success, and could see him dominate the charts even further.

Take a look at the full video below.

H/T: Billboard

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