ZHU teases and confirms new Tame Impala collaboration

The somewhat mysterious producer ZHU has been working on some new music recently and among the new tunes that are underway, there is a collaboration with Australian psychedelic artist Tame Impala. The 29-year old “Faded”-producer posted a teasing tweet a few weeks ago already reading “TameImpalaxzhu???”, which was the first sign of a collaboration in the making with the highly respected Aussie artist.

ZHU performed in China last week, where he took to the stage at a special event of Sony MusicTencent Music Entertainment. The two companies had just announced that they teamed up for the launch of a new record label titled the Liquid State, an Asian label that ZHU will be releasing his new music on in the coming future. Besides him, Alan Walker will also be among artists who are said  to be releasing on Liquid State. After his performance at the event, Billboard Dance confirmed the Tame Impala collaboration with the ZHU’s management.

The collaboration with Tame Impala promises to be such an interesting one, because the psychedelic band is often being compared to The Beatles by many in the music industry, due to their innovative ability to bring a fresh sound to classic psychedelic style. Having said that, ZHU himself is also praised for his exciting and sensual productions, making him a one of a kind producer in today’s dance music industry. Needless to say, any kind of collaboration in the making between these artists is one to watch for. Fans at the Sydney FOMO Festival last month captured the actual ZHU x Tame Impala ID on camera, so check it out below.