Astroglitch – Rachel

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Bringing a fresh new broodingly dark electro sound to the forefront, mysterious producer Astroglitch has developed his unique sound driven by heavy electro synth work and driving baselines, exemplified perfectly in his latest single ‘Rachel’. It is Astroglitch’s first release, but with more tracks like this he is certainly going to be one to watch. With his career kicking off with a bang, Astroglitch’s future looks nothing but bright and promising, and his abilities will undoubtedly bring him toward the higher ranks of the electronic music scene.

‘Rachel’ brings together some hauntingly intense synths with some atmospheric vocals to create a stand out track that is bound to get everybody on the dance floor moving. Centred around an intense bass drop that delivers a flurry of heavy electro sounds, ‘Rachel’ packs a serious punch from start to finish. Astroglitch describes how Rachel is “the tantalizing voice inside my head, she’s dark dancy and likes to get wild.” If that gives you anything to go by, then the track is certainly not going to disappoint.

To make things even better, Astroglitch has given the track away as a free download, so be sure to grab your copy below and add ‘Rachel’ to your playlists now.