Ultra Europe

Axwell & Ingrosso showcase new music closing down the mainstage of Ultra

Capping off an absolutely jam-packed day, Swedish mavericks’ Axwell & Ingrosso made a triumphant return to the main stage to take the crowd through a one-of-kind musical journey. With a much less erotic introduction to their set this year, the duo premiered a never before heard tune. With nothing to be confirmed as of yet, at least two unreleased records were showcased by the progressive house masterminds as they closed down the main stage for the first day of this years historic Ultra Music Festival.

Rather than be a full synopsis of the whole set, this article will cover the two tracks that we can’t just put a name or title on just yet. As we would expect, the unyielding firepower experienced in the sets of Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso are nothing short of mesmerizing. In 2017, the duo took a rather comedic yet badass approach when it came to introducing their set. Incorporating raunchy female vocals that would later lead to climax; and by climax we mean their behemoth of a track titled “How Do You Feel Right Now“, the duo tried something new this year (pun intended). This time around they took a rather different approach characterized through epic cinematic textures, dreamy ethereal plucks, and intricate FX. They coupled it all with deep, rapturous vocals and bass sure to make peoples’ skin shiver. What began as a musical composition you might find in a Hans Zimmer soundtrack, the song rapidly evolved into a rumbling bass-heavy monster that would probably register on the richter scale.

Fresh off the head banging mosh pit debauchery that was caused by “How Do You Feel Right Now”, Axwell & Ingrosso rocked a new remix of D.O.D and Moksi’s “Higher”. The track was heard at the Axtone Pool Party, however we have no more details at the moment.

See for yourself!