Bellorum – My World EP

French Trap talent Bellorum has dropped his brand-new ‘My World‘ EP on Yellow Claw‘s exciting imprint, Barong Family. Born and raised in France, Bellorum has proven that he is one of the most promising upcoming producers in the scene right now. With a string of original releases, collaborations and remixes, it’s undeniable that Bellorum is making great strides towards becoming one of the Trap scene’s elite.

The title track ‘My World‘ is a heavy hitting Dubstep anthem, hyped with a mammoth orchestral intro, much like that of a dramatic action-movie! However, the strings quickly fade away, as the drums create a grand ascension into the thundering drop, backed by a heavy 808 kick-drum, dirty growls and wild lead synths. ‘Back Home‘ with Azaar is a dark, mysterious Trap single. Boasting of a hyped-up intro with dark brass synths and pitched-down vocal, the build-up quickly arrives, taking the listeners to the big, powerful drop – met with rapid hi-hats, powerful low kicks and reverb-soaked screech synths.

Barely‘ with Holly wastes no time in getting into the thick of things. Straight after the intro is a 30-second-long build-up; perfect for hyping up festival crowds. As the drop hits, listeners are greeted with chaotic synth stabs and deep bass with an 8-bit video game inspired change-up in the drop’s second half. ‘Look At Me‘ follows a different path, away from the EP’s overall dark, brooding vibe. Taking a brighter, Future Bass-inspired approach, the intro features uplifting chords and bright vocal chops, before entering the drop; which features warm bass and full-sounding lead synths.

In his early years, Bellorum quickly found a passion for electronic music and started producing his own sounds, filled and packed with high snares and thundering 808 kicks – making him a strong name in the French Trap scene. Having garnered support from the likes of Azaar, Mercer and DJ Snake, Bellorum has become friends with team leaders and fully-fledged artists.

Listen to Bellorum’s ‘My World’ Ep below and purchase or stream it here!

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