Black Sheep Festival

Black Sheep Festival Croatia aiming for the top echelons with 2018 edition

Undoubtedly one of the most talked about Dance music festivals in Europe for past few years, Croatia based Black Sheep Festival‘s rise to the top as a wonderful destination has been built around enjoying music performances and partaking in the charming lifestyle of the famous Zrce Beach, which itself in turn has grown tremendously due to the Festival’s rise and the growing visitor list each year. As we already expressed, it is one of our highly valued Festival locations when the beach-side festivals are in question. What’s more is that the festival does not solely rely upon it to entertain the visitors. It is also indebted to the seamless flow, a lucid interaction of the natural and the man-made as the Beach-side clubs provide the Festival with the bragging rights of being a one of a kind.

Experienced ones will tell you that the ethereal sunsets of Zcre – just 2 kilometers outside the Northern city of Novalja – overlooking the high hills and the pebbles-laden Kilometer long stretch is a sigh to behold in iteslf. And with music, it only gets better. For their 2018, the festival has showcased big plans by announcing the likes of Teamworx, Oliver Heldens, Tchami, Yellow Claw,  Quintino and Will Sparks as part of their phase-1 line-up and a flurry of big names such as  KSHMRNERVO and Chocolate Puma in their phase-2 announcement. And while their phase-3 line-up is eagerly awaited by those willing to attend, the hype over Black Sheep Festival’s 2018 edition is seemingly touching new heights solely due to the major increment that they have showcased in terms of the artist roster. Although previous line-ups were high quality, it would be hard for a regular to argue that any of the previous artist line-ups will be able to topple this year’s roster off the throne.

Their third year running, Black Sheep Festival assuredly has high aims to achieve. Coupled with the individual strengths of top notch clubs Aquarius, Kalypso, Noa and Papaya, which are the platform for the festival, Black Sheep Festival’s recent announcements are forthrightly confident, suggesting that rather than rely on past glories and achievements, the team is looking to succeed at the great 2018 challenge that they have set for themselves. Set to be held from 30th of July to 2nd of August, Black Sheep Festival will be setting the tone as the leaves turn orange and we look back upon yet another great summer of music.

For more information regarding tickets, dates and line-ups, keep track at Black Sheep Festival’s website here. Follow our pages for updates on the third-phase line-ups.

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