Charlotte De Witte

Charlotte De Witte – Closer (S.P.H.E.A.R. Remix)

After experimenting with a various number of different sounds, 19-year-old DJ/Producer Brendan Khoo, a.k.a S.P.H.E.A.R, has delivered a tantalizing remix of Charlotte De Witte‘s ‘Closer‘. With a number of successful releases under his belt, Brendan is slowly building an impressive portfolio.

Beginning with a humble beginning, a simple kick and clap, the track instantly turns up the heat when the bass kicks in at the 0:30 mark. Following a short build-up, the drop arrives, delivering a thunderous outpouring of bass. A strong Electro House-inspired clap compliments the track’s hard-hitting nature, while the synth on each off-beat proves to be an adequate filler before the hi-hat joins in the mix. As the break arrives, listeners are met with pensive pads and a dark, reverb-soaked vocal, before a synth and subtle clap join in, marking the track’s gradual transition towards the drop. A surprise break, filled with silence and vocal shots encapsulates listeners, complimenting the signature dark atmosphere that surrounds the world of Techno.

Caught in between the European influenced world of classical music and ever so science fiction based electronic dance music scene, the former Vancouver based artist looks to create a world centred around the two ever so different genres as an escape from reality.

Be sure to listen to Brendan’s remix below and download it here.

Melbourne-based Journalist, producer and DJ. Completed a Diploma of Audio Production at SAE Institute and loves everything from Jazz to Disco. Have a question? Don't hesitate to drop me a line!

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