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Dada Life – Higher Than The Sun

Swedish maestros Dada Life have delivered a brand-new Electro-House track, ‘Higher Than The Sun‘. Combining Acid/Electro sounds with a laid-back nature, the track possesses a unique sound, captivating audiences in an instant.

The duo teamed with Mick Guzauski on the track, the same guy who helped Daft Punk mix their feel-good LP ‘Random Access MemoriesSpeaking of albums, ‘Higher Than the Sun’ is a single from Dada Life’s upcoming LP ‘OUR NATION. Showing off their diverse production skills, Dada Life’s latest track, follows the more aggressive lead single ‘We Want Your Soul‘.

When asked about his thoughts on ‘Higher Than The Sun’, Olle Cornéer explained the following:

“We wanted to make something that both sounds like it could have been made 1987 in the classic house era as well as being completely new. It’s our vision of dance music in 2018. It’s maybe a little bit softer than what we’re known for. But don’t worry, the album will have crash-into-the-wall-with-a-smile-on-your-face-bangers too!”

The duo’s new full-length album is slated for a May 4 release and will mark the duo’s first LP release since 2012’s The Rules of Dada. In addition to this, Dada Life are also planning a North American club tour, with dates expected to be disclosed within the coming days.

Check out ‘Higher Than The Sun’ below!

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