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Francis Mercier, Stavro T – Like A Ghost feat. Jodi Ferguson (Remix EP)

An upcoming success in its own regard, New York based International DJ Francis Mercier‘s co-founded Deep Root Records imprint has enjoyed quite some attention from the global scene, especially with its ethos and guiding idea of giving a platform to upcoming talented artists who are unable to make the grade due to lack of resources. Aside from its business and management undertakings, Deep Root Records’ dedication to being a label at the forefront with great musical output and curating a community of artists with unparalleled talent in the region has put them up on the map of North American dance music industry.

And it is only right that the label’s recent ‘Like A Ghost’ remix package release – which showcases a variety of remixes for Francis Mercier’s original collaboration with Stavro T and Jodi Ferguson – further cements this point home. Showcasing a wide variety of renditions of the original from artists both on the label’s roster and off it, Deep Root Records and Francis Mercier’s team have astutely consolidated a solid listening experience for fans and listeners alike. What’s more is that the remixes show clearly the freedom that each artist has exercised in dishing out their own version of the original, which features adept production from Mercier and Stravro T along with a worthy vocal shift from Ferguson.

The remix package kicks off from New York itself as the Truth x Lies duo, comprising of Ian Bertles & Ryan Howard, take the original on a Future Bass styled journey. Their remix utilizes the tempo from the original to turn it into a hard hitting bass listening, while also letting the funk out in the latter half of the remix. Next up from Argentina, Mr. Brackets takes on the original to deliver a laid back and Sundown styled track that features a progressive Tropical vibe. It is here that Mr. Brackets allows the vocals to do the delivery at their fullest and details the track with the mellifluous notations.

As we move further in the package, it takes a turn onto the Electro road with COSSY, Dim Wilder and AWEEDEN delivering their own interpretations of the original, albeit keeping within the Eletro domain. While Deep Root Records very own COSSY mashes the original into a lush listening enjoyment featuring heavy build-ups and a punchy synth, it is Dim Wilder‘s rising talent that takes the track into a break-beat style of production – by now, it becomes awfully clear how much effort each artist has put into their remixes so as to pip the other. AWEEDEN take up next, the talented Spinnin’ Records producer delivers a sumptuous remix that showcases him entwining Electro style with spaced out vibes in an esoteric manner.

With the Electro spree done with, the package moves towards House with German artist Juze delivering a shifty and groovy rendition of Francis Mercier’s original. A true delight for all House lovers, the track marks quite a steep turn in the sort of productions one has already heard on the package. Getting one from closer to home, the next remix comes from the highly talented Mexican producer Franz G. A powerful remix to say the least, Franz G allows enough room for the original to develop before hitting us hard with a wavy Electro whammy, marching out with anthem-like synth work.

With the last three remixes remaining, the attention shifts on adept shoulders as it is Wistful and German producer Benedikt Warnke who take up the task. First, Puebla based Mexican producer Wistful delivers a ‘Dance’ rendition that sees him mellow down the tempo to produce a Deep House remix that suits Ferguson’s vocals to a tee. Taking control momentarily, Magdeburg based producer Benedikt Warnke picks up the pieces by restoring the tempo and delivering a steady melody to accompany his more developed mainstream House production.

The remix package ends with Wistful’s ‘Garage’ remix, who does well yet again to subdue the tempo to give an appropriate outro to the compilation by enmeshing the original’s vocals with a Low-Fi production featuring supple beat-work and seamless pitch bending to accommodate a well crafted melody. All in all a top notch collection of tracks that compliment the original from Francis Mercier and Stravro T along with Jodi Ferguson’s brilliant vocals, the ‘Like A Ghost’ remix package showcases the best of curation from Deep Root Records and the unique styles that each and every producer on this roster has to put forth.

You can purchase the ‘Like A Ghost’ remix package on iTunes here.

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