Kaskade & Charlotte Lawrence – Cold as Stone

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American music producer Kaskade has turned down the mood in his latest track as he delivers an emotion-filled production titled ‘Cold as Stone’. While we all may fall in love, and most of us fall out of love too, it is exactly the emotion that Kaskade’s new track is about, as he teams up with singer/songwriter Charlotte Lawrence to deliver those emotions in the right words.

In a press release, the American producer said:

“’Cold As Stone’ presented itself as a sort of departure from the songs I’ve put out in the last while. It didn’t end up being that forever-love message we’d all love to hear. Instead, it’s an emotional reckoning from a pretty vulnerable place. Charlotte Lawrence’s voice was that perfect storm of beauty, anger and quiet strength which is a rare find. It helped paint that audio picture of falling out of love, which is painful. Even though the song is called ‘Cold as Stone,’ it will probably make quite a few people feel exactly the opposite.”

With open arms, ‘Cold as Stone’ instantly begins to tug on your feelings with the soft and delicate vocals from Lawrence. A smooth bass-line and tender chords ensure each beat cushions onto your ear enjoyably, before the tracks breaks out of character with the advent of the chorus. Synths fly and drums chop elegantly together, resulting in a simply beautiful production from the Kaskade.

Listen to ‘Cold as Stone’ below. Purchase the track here.