Kölsch – Left Eye Left

Sometimes when you hear a new release, you just know you want to put it on repeat and listen to it over and over again. Danish house and techno DJ/producer Rune Reilly Kölsch has just released such a gem, the tech house track called ‘Left Eye Left’. Interestingly enough the tune isn’t brand new, as the 41-year old Dane included the very same track in his epic Eiffel Tower set, but it remained a mysterious ID… until now.

Kölsch explains how ‘Left Eye Left’ first came about:

“‘Left Eye Left’ was originally intended as a part of my 1989 album, but in myriad of demos I had for the album it got lost in the finishing process. I rediscovered the demo just before my Eiffel Tower set, and decided it was a fitting ode to the city of love, so it was included in my set. The reactions on the piece where so overwhelming, the only right thing to do was to release it.” 

The “1989” album that Kölsch refers to above, was released in September of last year on German tech label Kompakt Records. The label has been a home to the Dane for many years now, as he released his two previous albums “1983” and “1977” on the imprint as well. All of the albums prove what a talented producer Kölsch really is, as he is capable of bringing melodic techno to a whole new level. As a result, he earned himself a residency on BBC Radio 1 last year. Since then, he has also delivered several amazing ‘Essential Mixes’ for Pete Tong to the BBC Radio 1 listeners, in which he even premiered ‘Left Eye Left’ once already.

Check out ‘Left Eye Left’ down below and play it over and over again, as it might very well be one of the best techno releases of the year so far.