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Martin Garrix reveals he “loves the current state of music”

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Dutch superstar and two-time number 1 DJ Martin Garrix is a happy camper these days. The ‘Animals’-producer, who recently grabbed a couple of BUMA Awards for his achievements in his homeland The Netherlands, revealed in an interview with BUILD Series that he ‘loves the current state of music’. In the new interview, the 21-year old speaks about today’s endless possibilities with streaming services and social media and how it has given back the power to the artists.

Martin Garrix unveils that he is a big fan of Spotify in particular, where he has an icredible amount of almost 25 million monthly listeners and 5,163,232 followers. The streaming service has made music in general much more accessible for both artists and music fans, according to Garrix:

“With streaming it’s very crazy, it’s so much more accessible… A good song has way more chance to grow very quickly, instead of the traditional way where you have to sign to a big label and get the label to push behind it… It is now much easier to explore music and find your niche, or style, whether you make the music or just listen to it… If you have a sick song you can have a small label, or even upload it yourself to Spotify and with the right promo from Spotify… it’s crazy! It allows me to release more music, in different styles and experiment.”

He also added that his favourite Spotify feature is the random ‘shuffle’ option, which he uses to discover new music and find inspiration.

Check out the full BUILD Series interview with Martin Garrix down below.