BREAKING: Martin Garrix says Ed Sheeran collab will “never be released”, with Spinnin’ as the reason

One of the longest teased collaborations in the Dutch DJ’s career, the proposed Martin Garrix & Ed Sheeran record will unfortunately never come to fruition. As far back as August 2017, multiple sources including DJ Mag were discussing the possibility of the all star collaboration. Explaining to Billboard magazine, Garrix said ” It was going to be an official track, so we postponed all my other singles”, however later down the road label issues would lead to the records eventual demise.

“Rewind, Repeat It” was teased during Ultra Music Festival 2015 by Martin Garrix. It seems there was a fan made petition in which fans and followers alike were itching for the pair to release the track. At Ultra 2017, Garrix played the track and the rumour train fired right back up again. A slew of misleading tweets and fan pages lead to people actually thinking the track was gonna come to life, however once again, no dice.

Speaking on the collaboration at this years movie premiere for “What We Started“, Garrix stated ” I don’t think the song will ever get released because I did it while being under my old contract, (sic), I don’t know, people who were involved, label people who were up there, when i made the song, but now i’m independent”. He states ” It’s a little bit frustrating”.

At this years Winter Music Conference, We Rave You was present at the movie premiere and had the chance to see Garrix touch on the subject, speaking to the complications he has had with the collaboration over time.