Virus T Studio

Maurizio Gubellini and Asterjackers present: Virus T Studio Collection Vol.1

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San Marino-based label Virus T Studio has delivered their first compilation album, presented by the talented Maurizio Gubellini and Asterjacks. In just a few years, the label has recorded extravagant sales results and international rankings through the publication of artists such as VINAI, Lush & Simon, Delayers, Gregori Klosman and Maison & Dragen.

The album is a compilation of the label’s back catalogue and unreleased tracks. In this album, listeners will find original tracks, edits and remixes from major international artists like Marcus Schossow, Nari&Milani, Gregori Klosman, Promiseland, Provenzano, Federico Scavo, Simon De Jano & Madwill, The Cube Guys, Anderblast, Tava and many others.

Italian duo VINAI kick things off with their track ‘Discovery’. Boasting a melodic break, it draws inspiration from Progressive House’s early years before making the transition to the signature Electro House drop VINAI fans are accustomed to. Maintaining the Electro House vibes is Sammarinese trio Delayers, who deliver their twist on Lush & Simon‘s ‘Downtown‘. Driven by a thudding kick and aggressive lead synths, this remix hits hard. Keeping up the energy is Emanuele Antimi, who brings Latino vibes, infused with EDM in his floor-filler ‘Inverse‘. A sexy saxophone sets the mood, before the drop hits, boasting a swingy, side-chained piano.

Next up is Juro, who injects a healthy dose of Progressive House into the album. Aptly titled, ‘Violin‘ the first break boasts an orchestral intro, before quickly transitioning to the rave-sounding breakdown. The drop is met with a heavy-hitting kick, backed by solid bass and bright leads. Following Juro is Swedish DJ/Producer Marcus Schossow with his Acid-House inspired remix of Tava‘s ‘Bandits‘. Possessing a dark, brooding vibe the track provides a nice, quick break from the album’s overall Electro House feel.

Asterjackers’ first track on the album, ‘Feels Like That‘ finally makes an appearance. Channelling infectious party vibes, the track starts off subtle but soon comes out of its shell, revealing an upbeat drop. Following Asterjackers is Gregori Klosman, who goes one step deeper with his remix of Delayers’ ‘Everything Moves‘. A dirty Electro House track, dirty synths and deep bass give this track a real party vibe. Next up is Chicco Giuliani, who brings a real, acoustic touch in his track ‘ Better‘. With a warm, low-passed bass guitar and reverberant male vocals, the track slowly ascends towards the drop, which is met with a strat guitar and an authentic drum kit, as opposed to an EDM kickdrum and clap.

The Cube Guys finally make their appearance with a groovy House remix of Antb‘s ‘Going To Dance‘. Warm bass in conjunction with bright hats and claps give this track a real, entertaining day-party vibe. Maurizio Gubellini makes his second appearance on the album with his track ‘Bois‘ alongside Reebs. The first break boasts a Dirty Dutch synth backed by rapid hi-hats, almost giving off a Trap vibe, however, the track quickly transitions to the build-up and reveals its Bounce-inspire drop. Frederico Scavo makes an appearance on the album with his remix edit of Vush‘s ‘So Sweet‘. A dark, techno-inspired track, this edit steers away from the inundation of EDM, giving the album the touch of diversity it deserves.

Listen to Virus T Studio’s compilation album below and purchase it here.

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