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Paul Kalkbrenner announces highly-anticipated album ‘Parts of Life’

A master of entertaining crowds with no artificial flashiness needed, Paul Kalkbrenner is a unique talent in his own right. The German live-act has tantalized music fans around the world on and off the stage, form his awe-inspiring sets to some of the finest melodic techno productions that have graced the electronic dance music scene. So it is no surprise that the news of a brand new album from Kalkbrenner is being warmly greeted by techno fans.

Titled ‘Parts of Life‘ the album is not only Kalkbrenner’s eighth album of his career but one of his ‘most personal and revealing works’ to date. The album is set to release on 18th May. The announcement for the album came as the German producer unveiled a brand new single with a music video called ‘Part three’. The music video was actually shot during a live show rehearsal in Berlin which also gives you a taste of what Kalkbrenner’s dazzling live shows look like.

As well as the music video, Paul Kalkbrenner shared the artwork for his upcoming album. The artwork has been created by his uncle Paul Eisel and depicts items that at personal to the music producer. This will be one album we can’t wait to get our ears on as we hope for more melodic masterpieces like Paul’s ‘Cloud Rider‘ and the amazing ‘Sky And Sand‘. Check out ‘Part Three’ below.