PREMIERE: Pete K discusses inspiration behind new track ‘Insomnia’ in exclusive interview

As one of the fastest rising talents in dance music, Pete K‘s reputation has continued to soar in recent years, with the Portugese producer and DJ releasing a flurry of club-ready bangers, and performing at numerous incredible live shows, including his set at London’s iconic Ministry of Sound during Third Party’s Release Records showcase evening.

Launching his brand new single ‘Insomnia’ tomorrow (Friday 16th March), We Rave You sat down with Pete to discuss the record, how his idea came about for the production, and much more…


Pete! Talk us through ‘Insomnia’ – How long did it take to make and why did you choose this track name?

“I think it took me one or two days to get it done by 90% maybe. Since I heard CAYO’s vocal I was inspired right away and could actually imagine the main hook in my head. So after writing the main melodies the rest of the track was made really quick. The name comes naturally from the lyrics hook, it just made sense.”


You mentioned CAYO… What was it about that vocal that impressed you so much to use it on the track?

“CAYO has an amazing voice and I got instantly excited when I received the vocals. I can say I was more than impressed. It was the inspiration to make the whole song!”

Your recent Shapov remix (The Way) was fantastic! What do you look for in a track that makes you want to remix it?


“When I make a remix it just needs to have an element or two there that makes me excited. Might be just a vocal or a piano riff. It’s different every time. But if it doesn’t sparkle any ideas from the first listen, I know it probably won’t work.”


‘Insomnia’ is such a euphoric, feel-good track! How you you think fans will react to this one when they hear it played out live?


“Well, when I started making this track the vocals got stuck in my head pretty fast and I think that’s usually a good sign. So I hope it can happen the same to my followers and have a good reaction when they hear it live!”


What can we expect from you in 2018? More new music perhaps? And any club nights, gigs, or festivals you’d like to tell us about?
“You can expect lots of new music and big things happening! Unfortunately I can’t reveal much yet, but there’s a new EP on Zerothree next month and lots of exciting Release Records news to come! Shows included!”


A whopping slice of pure progressive bliss, ‘Insomnia’ demonstrates both Pete K‘s cleverly crafted production talents, and hints at an incredibly bright future for both himself, and the mighty Release Records, who continue to go from strength to strength under the watchful eye of label head honchos Third Party, who will play Liverpool’s Olympic venue next month in what promises to be an unrivalled night of progressive masterpieces.

You can check out ‘Insomnia’ below, and let us know what you think of this gem in the comments!

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