Premiere: Antoine Delvig & Felicity – Jack That Body

Progressive house heavyweight Axtone Records rolls out with another tasty tune, this time in the form of an explosive electro banger titled “Jack That Body“. The track is brought to life by French DJ/Producer Antoine Delvig and Swedish up and coming talent Felicity. The single comes as the 4th instalment to the Axtone legacy and as the 7th piece of music to be showcased by Axtone this year. Sure to fire up dance-floors around the globe, “Jack That Body” is a fun and fresh electric array of Swedish-French energy captured in one hell of a record.

Antoine Delvig has made a massive appearance on Axtone before, he was the architect behind “Disciples” which was an essential tune in the sets of many big DJ’s. Antoine’s work has appeared on a large array of hallmark labels including Musical Freedom, Revealed, and dance goliath Spinnin’ Records. It doesn’t end their however, he has also appeared on Revealed, Armada, and Flamingo Records. Swedish progressive talent entered the scene 3 years ago in 2015 with his impressive remixing abilities landing him two first places for StadiumX and Manse. He has been gaining lots of traction lately as more and more high calibre artists discover the charm of his sound.

“Jack That Body” is a heater from start to finish, with floor shaking drums and slick bass lines. The biggest stand-out facet on the track is the mesmerizing “laser” lead sound that cuts through the whole mix. The syncopated, high-energy rhythms of “Jack That Body” asserts the talents of both artist’s who collaborated on the record. All in all, Axtone Records continues to be the bedrock for some of house’s finest artists to deliver their music.

In an effort to find more about the track and the artists, We Rave You reached out to both Antoine and Felicity.

The drop on this track is quite unique. Can you tell us about the creative process behind it? Was it a collaborative effort or did one of you think of the idea and then both build it from there?
We knew that we wanted to make a tune with both groove and high energy, so first thing was just to make sure we had an idea that would stand out in some way. After we had the hook and groove down, it was just about complimenting that with the right sounds and mix. From there on we had a really good communication with Axwell who guided us with precious and essential feedback to make it the very best track it could be. It was a very fun and collaborative process!
With so many artists popping up and so many new sub genres taking shape, how do you find inspiration to be original and stand out from the crowd as producers?
A big part of finding inspiration and being original is to be open to all genres, both in the ”EDM” realm and outside. Try to learn and take ingredients from different styles and make them into something new! By doing so, you’ll eventually carve out a sound of your own as you progress. Don’t be afraid to make something you’re not used to.

Check out “Jack That Body” below!