Stephan Duy

Premiere: Stephan Duy – Jaipur

Ushering in his first installment on Marcus Schössows’ imprint Code Red Music, Sweden based artist Stephan Duy celebrates one of his first ever releases on a top tier label with “Jaipur“. An exploding arcade of deep, rolling bass lines spiced with traditional vocals from India, “Jaipur” is an impressive record in and out. Code Red Music have been releasing a myriad of new music lately, both at their home base and Code Black, a much darker and deeper outlet curated for tech and deep house inspired music.

Getting a rather prodigious showcasing on KrydersKryteria Radio, we got our first taste of Jaipur on Episode 125 of the show. Stephan Duy has one other track under his belt at the moment, titled “Hakari“, released on Italy based label MALAVIDA. With only two tracks to catalog in this musical journey so far, we can get a small scope of what the young artist’s musical intuition is all about. With a strong taste for groovy drums and finely tuned bass, Duy has a talent in meticulously balancing flawless groove with deadly production prowess that was sure to eventually catch the ears of Marcus Schössow and his affiliates.

“Jaipur” manages to capture the essence of many styles such as Progressive and Tech. Duy expertly frames all these within the context of those irresistible groove house vibes. A stand out facet of his, Duy pays very close attention to detail and constantly keeps the stereo space alive with exciting instrumentation and non-stop energy. Shakers, snares, and a “phat” powerful bass line reminiscent of what Marcus pioneered on his track “Rumble“, Duy surely left nothing up to chance.

In an effort to know more about the track and the artist, We Rave You reached out to Stephan Duy to learn a little more.

This is one of your first tracks to take off and reach the ears of some of house musics biggest brands (Kryteria, Code Red), how does it make you feel?

It feels great actually! I have been following Kryder and his radio show since day one, and to get featured on Kryteria is definitely an achieved milestone. The release wouldn’t be realized without the support from North Border Group, Code Red Music and especially Marcus Schössow himself. They believe in me as an artist and as a person, so I am really grateful for the opportunity they’ve given me.

What can you tell us about the creative process behind the track? What were some of your inspirations?

Jaipur was born as a result of just letting go of any expectations on how I used to produce music and just let loose. The initial idea started out as a simple 8 bar loop, and as I came across the vocals, I got this idea of bringing in some exotic percussions to the production. To top the track off I added some stabs, atmospheric elements and the rest you already know!

Lose yourself in the tumultuous grooves of “Jaipur” below! Courtesy of Code Red Music and Stephan Duy!