Stadiumx and Taylr Renee’s magical ‘Howl At The Moon’ turns 4 years old

4 years ago, a full blown progressive house tune like no other entered the scene. It came from two promising up and coming names in the industry. The Hungarian heavyweight house duo Stadiumx, composed of Dave (Dávid Nagy) and Sully (Zsolt Milichovszki), joined forces with Greenlandic born singer and songwriter Taylr Renee. Taylr became to be widely known for the record “Howl At The Moon” and is the voice behind many other house bangers we all know and love.

Protocol Recordings was and still us a household name for the best progressive house, in 2014 the genre had left its peak however “Howl At The Moon” proved to fans and the world that the genre was still untouchable and unmatched in its ability to conjure up “anthemic” status and induce euphoria. Characterized by its big synths, heavy beats, and big bass, “Howl At The Moon” became a staple in the sets of many of the dance’s biggest DJ’s. Stadiumx used their prominence and popularity gathered on the hit to attract the ears and likes of some of the world’s finest producers. This lead to top notch collaborations and beautifully crafted dance-floor weapons. Taylr Renee is the voice behind hits like Axtone Records “I Am”, in which Sick Individuals and Axwell supplied the breathtaking instrumental to Taylr’s ethereal voice.

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