Steve Angello given reins over Spotify’s “Mint” playlist, includes Swedish House Mafia records

Fully outfitted with his latest single “Nothing Scares Me Anymore” alongside Sam Martin, the Swedish prodigy Steve Angello captures the attention of the dance world with this prolific move. The 65-track collection is loaded with an absolutely stunning array of tracks from the likes of Skrillex, GTA, Martin Garrix, and of course everyones long lost heroes, Swedish House Mafia.

Spotify, one of the worlds most powerful forces in music, has been stirring the spot of Swedish House Mafia rumours lately as they add more and more playlists that start to bring about all that nostalgia. The exact same day Angello took over Spotify’s ‘Mint’ playlist, they also added a playlist titled “This Is Swedish House Mafia.” Starting with “One (Your Name)” and ending with “Nothing But Love” from Axwell, the playlist is an electrifying trip down memory lane sure to get you in the mood for the next 3 days of pure hedonism!

Angellos’ brand new single “Nothing Scares Me Anymore” is out now and his sophomore album HUMAN is set for release on April 27th. If there ever were a playlist to properly capture the essence of Miami 2018, we would have to say this one courtesy of Steve Angello is a qualifier.