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Steve Angello Interview: “HUMAN”, Size In The Park 2018 and personal life

Undoubtedly one of the most influential names in dance music today, Steve Angello is undergoing one of the most life-changing and daring years of his career to date. Releasing his latest EP – Almost Human over the course of the past year, which gave us a foretaste of his upcoming concept album, the Swedish pioneer took upon the challenge of incorporating new elements into his music and live shows around the globe.

Embracing new sounds, showcasing new talent and always striving to overcome himself, Steve is once again ahead of one of the biggest announcements of his career, his brand new album titled “HUMAN“. What seems to be one of the most anticipated releases of the year is finally in its end phase and ready to see the light of the day. After teasing his fans for more than 6 months now, Steve Angello has finally revealed a more precise answer to the release date question.

But this is just one of the topics we touched in our exclusive interview with the SIZE Records label honcho. Meeting up with him in Amsterdam right after his set at this years Don’t Let Daddy Know, the Swedish legend welcomed us with open arms and a big smile, still buzzing from his performance which was dubbed by many festival goers as the highlight of the night. As we chat with him about the show and his favourite spots in Amsterdam, Steve is eager to kick-start the interview and share his thoughts about the process of creating and conceptualizing “HUMAN”, his vision on Size In The Park 2018 and an insight of how a typical day in the life of Steve Angello looks like.



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