Steve Angello & Sam Martin – Nothing Scares Me Anymore

Nothing short of a masterpiece, the “wow factor” for Steve Angello and Sam Martins’ latest release is off the charts. Grandiose, cinematic, epic – these words barely capture the essence of what we are given in “Nothing Scares Me Anymore“. Released without any fore warning, the single also comes in light of the information that Angello’s sophomore album HUMAN will be out April 27th.

The track starts with rich, dramatic orchestra lines and organic instrumentation before climbing into a bass-laden house anthem, ripe with crisp drums and soaring strings. This new single comes out three days before the world will hold its breath awaiting a possible Swedish House Mafia reunion at Ultra Music Festival. Sam Martin is a Grammy nominated artist who has previously worked with some of dance music’s biggest names including Dirty South, David Guetta, and now Angello.

For months we have eagerly waited for any information regarding Steve Angello and his work on HUMAN. A unique twist, die hard fans will pick up on the fact that the instrumental of the track is reminiscent of the proposed single “Feels Like Heaven” that was said to be a Steve Angello and Brandon Flowers collaboration. Although it received a swap of vocals, it is safe to say there is just as much emotion and passion alive in “Nothing Scares Me Anymore”

Check out the single below!