Steve Angello

Steve Angello unveils epic trailer video for forthcoming ‘Human’ album

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One by one new and exciting snippets and details for Steve Angello’s sophomore studio albumHuman” are popping up. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, every day brings us closer and closer to the historic albums landing. This is the most vivid trailer to be released to date, it seems the days of a few second long clips are behind us.

In the limbo period between Steve’s last album ‘Wild Youth’ and now, we have seen many singles be released. Just last year Angello delivered 6 state of the art singles that received much appraisal and support. Without a doubt, Angello’s sound has become finely tuned over time. With all-star collaborations in the works, HUMAN will be a memorable piece of work sure to stand the test of time.

Very recently, the release date of the album was teased and it seems April will be the big month. With huge rumours in speculation at the moment surrounding Ultra Music Festivals’ 20th anniversary, it is sure to be an exciting next few months for the Swedish prodigy. Stay tuned for an exclusive We Rave You video interview with Steve that will be up within the next few days.

Check out the teaser clip posted on Facebook below!