Travis & Ozone vs KairozMusic – Nebula

Hailing from the Netherlands, Travis & Ozone have teamed up with fellow Dutchman Timothy Worthington, also known as KairozMusic, to deliver a monster progressive anthem fit for any main stage. Having been perfecting their big room melodic sound over the past number of years whilst releasing several successful tracks like ‘Pendulum’ and ‘Touchdown‘, these producers have surely delivered their best track yet with this latest single. Titled ‘Nebula‘, the collaboration has just been released on Blue Records.

The listeners’ attention is caught right from the outset with the atmospheric vocal chops which surround the break and build-up, effectively adding a mysterious feel that provides more emotional variety to the track. We are then swiftly led to the euphoric drop, where the energy is intensified – delivering a jolt of electricity to our ears. The lead melody creates a uplifting combination of both producers’ style, and will no doubt cause a storm when dropped on dance floors all the world over. With a solid mix down and some impressive sound design, this perfectly showcases the talents of the up and coming names.

Making a statement with this monster track, the trio of producers have stapled their place as ones to watch for the future with ‘Nebula’. Stream the track on Spotify below.