Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren shares new advice on how to be a successful DJ/producer

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Free advice on how to become a successful DJ/producer is always welcome for young musicians, who are dreaming of a career in the electronic dance music industry. Dutch trance legend Armin van Buuren has showed his willingness to share some of his own experiences on several occasions in the past as well. Back in 2015 for example, he hosted a 3-hour masterclass during the Armada Talent Experience together with fellow Dutchman Eelke Kleijn, where the pair shared their Top 10 most valuable production tips. In a new interview, the world’s former number 1 DJ has revealed a couple of additional tips and tricks for young producers on how to make it in today’s electronic music business.

So for those of you out there considering a career as a DJ/producer, Armin van Buuren shared the following words of advice:

“I think the most important thing is that you have to find your own sound. If you copy me or any other DJ out there, it’s meaningless. Second, making music is essential for a DJ. Your quickest way to the top is probably making a track that everybody else plays. If you have a really good track, other DJs will play it and help promote it.”

Even though these words of advice may sound plain and simple, they might hold a deeper meaning. Van Buuren has always been quite outspoken when it comes to defining his own sound. As an artist, one should have “the freedom to experiment with different sounds, genres and instruments”, something that he has pursued especially in recent years. In fact, adding this variety to his repertoire is exactly wat helped him in becoming the number 1 DJ in the world for a record-breaking total of five times in his career – so far.

In another interview just last week, Armin van Buuren also revelealed that he will be releasing four new trance tracks this month. On his forthcoming ‘A State Of Trance 2018’ compilation album fans can expect a ton of new trance anthems, such as collaborations with Russian DJs/producers Shapov and Alexander Popov. The new compilation album is set for release on April 27th.