Arty drops new progressive house masterpiece ‘Rain’

Just one month after dropping his massive single ‘Sunrise’ ft April Bender, Arty returns with yet another phenomenal Progressive House track called ‘Rain’. The Russian producer, who has also released a number of trance anthem under his ALPHA 9 moniker again recently, succeeds time and time again to outshine himself with his own top-notch productions. ‘Rain’ proves to be another perfect example of that, as the track’s gorgeous melody and synth drops instantly brighten up your day.

The 28-year old Russian, unlike many other people, actually enjoys rainy weather and the emotions that rain bring about in him personally:

“Rain is my favorite weather by far, and I’ve always wanted to express my love for rain in a song. With ‘Rain’, I set out to describe the feeling of sadness and melancholy as well as the uplifting emotions that rain always brings me. It has less vocals and a bigger club vibe compared to its predecessor ‘Sunrise’, so people can enjoy the instruments surrounding the upbeat production.”

In an interview with Digital Journal, Arty elaborated on the rest of his plans for 2018, which promises to be a busy year for the Russian, who resides in Los Angeles for a number of years now. He revealed that he has lots of new music scheduled for release later this year. Next week, only six days after ‘Rain’ comes out, he will have a collaboration with Spencer Brown coming up, to be released on Anjunabeats, and new Arty and ALPHA 9 singles are also scheduled for May.

Check out Arty’s new masterpiece ‘Rain’, which has just been released on Armada Music in light of the label’s 15-year anniversary celebrations.