We Rave You Remembers: Avicii’s finest IDs

With the waves of emotions and nostalgia being conjured up as a result of Swedish DJ Avicii’s passing, fans an artists alike have all joined together to express their love for the one-of-a-kind musician and extremely talented DJ/Producer. A hallmark of Avicii’s brand was knowing that there was always unreleased projects and collaborations circulating throughout his sets and radio shows. Like a non-stop roller-coaster, Avicii’s decorated career was filled with highs and lows, and unexpected twists and turns. However one thing was for certain, the Swedish DJ star would comfortably rock anywhere north of 5 to 10 unreleased ID’s that would always create a buzz throughout the EDM world. Even since his humble beginnings in 2009/2010, Tim Bergling has consistently carried on popular, unreleased music until the very end of his career. The amazing thing about Avicii’s music (released and un-released) is that it is eternal. His melodic genius and production elegance would transcend far behind the normal realm of imagined possibilities and become something far greater. This is We Rave You‘s comprehensive guide to the side of Avicii that most the mass populace might not be too familiar with, Avicii’s ID’s.

Without ascribing any order of magnitude to his unreleased music, this catalog is simply an unranked collection of the majority of Avicii’s most prominent unreleased originals and remixes. As most of his unreleased projects were paired with popular acapella’s, swapped out with other originals, and evolved over the years, this list will include some of his own bootlegs.

  1. Enough is Enough (Don’t Give Up On Us)/ Let Me Show You Love (Ash & Avicii’s Hype Machine Mix)

Kicking things off with one of his most popular and cherished pieces of unreleased music, we have Enough is Enough. What makes this track extra special is how seasoned it is. Noted as being played as far back as early 2011, this song exists as a time machine of Avicii’s sophistication as an artist. The chords, melody, and big-room style of this song are emblematic of his style as an artist. Avicii would play this track even into 2016. This is one of his most famous IDs.

2. Just Gotta Hold On

A rather deep ID, this track was being played at live shows by Avicii during his meteoric rise to fame. His climb started in 2010 and this song would trail with him until his style would evolve further, leaving this one in the crates. The piano pluck during the verse and chorus screams Avicii and the breakdown melody is very much reminiscent of his style at the time. With no official information pointing to the singer, it remains a cherished ID.

3. Abow

With many high quality radio rips circulating the internet many would be lead to believe the track was released, however Aviciis dark and deadly ID “Abow” never saw a release on any label. However as the famous Avicii vs Kings of Leon- Abow vs Sex On Fire (Avicii Bootleg) was essentially released/leaked online, the original instrumental “Abow” was never released officially. Included in his historic BBC Radio One Essential Mix from 2010, “Abow” was an absolute bomb live and never fails to disappoint.


4. Stay With You

Showcased on episode 7 of Avicii’s Levels Podcast, “Stay With You” featuring the vocals of Mike Posner is absolutely jaw-dropping. Fun, catchy, and ridiculously good, “Stay With You” contains all the perfect elements of an Avicii production. Three chord loop, catchy melody, and high energy vibe, “Stay With You” is one of the IDs we can never get enough of, see for yourself!


5. Dreaming of Me

Showcased on Episode 19 of Avicii’s Levels Podcast, “Dreaming of Me” with the charming vocals of Audrea Mae is a high-class track. Avicii would go on to use this guitar and piano melody in many other edits/trials of his songs but it would eventually find home in “Speed”/ Wake Me Up (Avicii By Avicii Remix). “Dreaming of Me” sadly never got released however just the ID itself is enough. The beautiful horn melody and stellar drop are truly something else.

6. Nothing Without You

7 years ago, Avicii’s soundcloud put up “PREVIEW:  Avicii – Nothing Without You (Instrumental Mix)”. The track was never fully released however still remained a prominent piece of music from Avicii. With one and a half million views on the Soundcloud track alone and with engagement up until today, “Nothing Without You” is pure melodic house bliss. Most notably, this track was used for Avicii’s own “Nothing Without Adele- (Avicii’s Rolling Bootleg)” that was played out live during the time when “Rolling In The Deep” was taking the world by storm.

7. I’ll Be Gone/ On My Own ft. Joakim Berg

First played in 2013 at a Grammys after party show, one of the most emotional, heartfelt, and pristine Avicii productions ever designed never saw an official release. Fans may be confused and believe the track to be considered released as the instrumental (in a different key) would lay the foundations for the official release Liar Liar (Avicii By Avicii). After his remix album for True was released, lots of fans considered it to be the dissolve of the ID

8. Make Your Move

A super catchy track with two different drops, “Make Your Move” is an electro infused bomb that is super groovy. With sparkly arpeggios and crisp drums, “Make Your Move” was popular during Aviciis live sets from the 2013-2015 era and was consistently mashed up with over acapella’s and edits. Much speculation was brought up regarding the track as it was consistently played by Avicii during a tour.

9. Papa Was a Rollin Stone

This track was many years coming and is brimming with fun bass lines and has a very energetic “party vibe” to it. The track was ascribed the title Avicii & Ash – Papa Was a Rollin Stone as a reference to the influence he received from his manager, Arash Pournouri.

10. Heaven

One of Avicii’s heavily buzzed and hyped ID’s, this track was rumoured to be a collab with Coldplay’s Chris Martin. In the documentary Avicii : True Stories, you can see Martin performing the vocals in a studio. Although the vocals may be written or co-produced by Martin, another vocalist pops up as well. Simon Aldred appears alongside the various online snippets of the track. Played at Ultra Music Festival an beyond, Heaven holds on to the heartstrings of listeners worldwide. Melodic, euphoric, and Progressive, this was Avicii.


11. Finally (Avicii’s Sunshine Bootleg)

Believed to be first played at Sensation Oslo in 2011, Avicii’s ‘Sunshine’ Bootleg of Kings of Tomorrow track “Finally” never saw the light of day. Remembered for those classic Avicii piano vibes and big room feel, it truly is a gem.

12. Black & Blue

Played by Avicii during his historic, game-changing Ultra Music Festival set in 2013, “Black and Blue” with Aloe Blacc and Mac Davis was a gritty, blue-grass project that never got released. It was speculated to be included on ‘True’ however did not appear to make the cut. An incredibly daunting task, Avicii seemed to meticulously blend house beats with grungy rock and blue-grass elements. The track received mix reviews initially but when “True” started to blow up people wanted more and more, including “Black and Blue”.

13. Unbreakable

First played by Avicii at Ultra 2016, the track was received very well by fans. The track features soft guitar licks and smooth vocals with a driving kick punch. Part of Berglings new initiative to experiment outside the box, the track was part of a handful of new ID’s that combined elements of country, blue-grass, and Avicii awesomeness.


14. Can’t Love You Again

A track rumoured to be included on his Avicii (02) EP, the track is not very well known due to its very rare live showcasing. The track is deep, expressive, and very well crafted. Full of raspy vocal lines and a bouncy drop, it’s worth recognition.

15. Still In Your Love With Your Ghost/Ghost

Rumoured to be a collaboration with Daniel Adams Ray, this track received very rare live footage and the only edits floating around online are usually iphone quality, but it doesn’t take much to enjoy Avicii. The track is very melodic by nature and features almost “U2” vibes in it with electric guitars, huge pads, and dreamy vocals. A track that might have blown up if released, we can only cross our fingers hoping for some sort of re-development later down the line.


16. Love To Fall

Rumoured to be a collab with Jon Bon Jovi, this very rare mix was only played live a few times by Avicii. Very soulful and fun, it’s got those melodic piano vibes and upbeat disco/funk groove.

17. No Pleasing A Woman

Avicii’s super hyped collaboration with Billy Joe Armstrong, this was a very anticipated track. Youtube is even full of people doing guitar covers and vocal covers, although there is no official release. The drop is super funky and super fresh. A mega collab, we can only hope for its release one day.



18. Forever Yours

Along with Sandro Cavaza, Avicii cooked up this soothing Spanish guitar/house track that is absolutely stellar. Popping piano lines and catchy melodies, it is a true jam. Sandro Cavaza would go on to write many tracks with the Swedish producer, this remains one of the ones that never got released.

19. Borrowed Time (featuring Madonna)

Avicii and Madonna have a strong connection together. Madonna confessed her appreciation for Avicii’s music in 2012 and went on to perform his remix of Girl Gone Wild at Ultra 2012. She mentioned her love of house music and how much it influenced her productions from the beginning. Part of the Rebel Heart Demos/Leaks. This song can be found studio quality throughout the internet.

20. Chicago- Street Player (Avicii Bootleg)

Bergling loved old-school disco and funk. Listening to his ground-breaking Diplo and Friends Mix, we see just how seasoned and knowledgeable Bergling was as a musician. This edit of the famous “Street Player” can be found online as well, it is supremely funky and very well put together. He would go on to play this edit only a few times live and ended up using this drop segment in a few other ID’s/edits.

21. Mean World/ Where The Devil Don’t Go

Loved for its emotional vocal and instrumental, this mix was rarely played live. Another collab with Audra Mae, this track was very well received live. There was another mix known as the “Singapore ID” that circulated online, however this mix would go on to form the foundation for another track.

22. Our Love / Coldplay- Atlas Remix

This track is included as a double ID because the arrangement is present in two songs. Avicii’s remix of Coldplay’s “Atlas” was the first to come about. The drop is very catchy and features that special melodic genius only Tim could create. This drop would then go on to complete an original production called “Our Love” that was played live at Ultra Music Festival in 2016. This type of musical devotion and experimentation was a hallmark of Bergling’s style. He would consistently draft new edits and experiment with placing new vocals over his instrumentals.

23. Faster Than Light (We Burn)

Also played live at Ultra Music Festival in 2016, this rarely played ID is adored by fans. With it’s funky drop and pop feel, this unreleased might have been part of the number of projects Bergling had to leave out on his second album “Stories”. Also known as “We Burn”, you can find instrumental remakes of this track all over Youtube.

Honorable Mentions:

Philter – Revolver Avicii Remix

This track would go on to become Tim’s mix of “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” by Coldplay. This edit of his was not very well known. It was included here as it would have been the first time he played the track live and showcased live before his very famous Coldplay mix was released. Due to the intro arp being different and the Revolver vocal being very fitting, it is an ID like any other.

Avicii – I Need a Miracle

An unreleased track with Coco, this instrumental would go on to form “Heart Upon My Sleeve”. The instrumental track was also released with vocals on his famous 2013 album promo mix.

There was something magical about Tim Bergling. The mark he has left on the EDM world and house music as a prominent global industry will be relished over for years to come. With many of the active artists in the scene today contributing most of their influence and inspiration to the Swedish star, his light will shine on for years.Avicii



What are your favourites? What have we missed? Let us know!