Axwell’s famed remix of ‘Tokyo By Night’ turns 4 years old

One of the hottest, most melodic records to come out of 2014 was Axwell’s remix of “Tokyo By Night“.  A bonafide master of Progressive House, “Tokyo By Night” released on Axtone Records was an instant classic. The Swedish Icon  played the record throughout the months before its released in April. The track was instantly touted as something special by fans and house music aficionados alike. The instrumental on its own could be a prominent release, however the vocals take the track over the top and it remains one of Axwells’ most cherished tracks.

Hook N Sling collaborated with Swedish vocalist Karin Park on the original version of “Tokyo By Night” which would go and lay the foundations for the remix from Axwell that was soon to follow. Perhaps the most jaw-dropping aspect of the whole track, the pulsating melody rings out loud and clear amongst a barrage of explosive drums and effects. The production wizardry that Axwell commands is fully alive throughout the remix, we hear bits and pieces of his signature production magic that only he can conjure up.

The acapella version for “Tokyo By Night” would go on to be released in Axtone Acapella’s vol. 3 in 2016. This opened up the possibility for producers all around the world to give their own take to one of the finest records Axtone has ever released. A track surely to be relished over for years to come, Axwell’s remix of “Tokyo By Night” will carry on as a symbol of everything Progressive House is and stands for.

Experience “Tokyo By Night” courtesy of Hook N Sling, Karin Park, and Axwell below!